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Biden and the conflict between Israel and Palestine

The United States with Joe Biden is against the policy of Israel on Jewish settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, where about 600,000 Israelis live, calling it an obstacle to reach peace. Biden also intends to resume diplomatic relations with the Palestinians which were downgraded with Trump but without moving the new Embassy that was established in Jerusalem in 2017. Biden supports, like all his predecessors in the White House, the plan to create two states as a solution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Initially, the Biden administration did not required to stop Israel's bombing of Gaza. It is considered that Hamas has been the military aggressor and both United States and Europe will let the Israeli forces to complete their military operations before imposing a ceasefire. Israel also defends that notices the Palestinian population one hour in advance about a building, that is allegedly used by Hamas for military operations, will be bombed. Both parties win by showing military muscle. In Israel all political forces, from the Left-wing parties to the Right-wing and nationalists, support the current military operation. While 40% of Palestinians think that the armed option is always the best policy towards Israel to achieve their rights as a nation. Israel receives a military aid package from the United States worth $ 4 billion a year. There is an almost unanimous consensus of Democrats and Republicans in the United States Congress not to use these aid as a form of pressure. In the end, it is unthinkable for the United States not to have an alliance with Israel as part of its foreign policy. But the public opinion and members of the Democratic Party are increasingly asking for more support to the situation of the Palestinians.


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