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Why there are so many mass shootings in the United States?

• 11 mass shootings happening per week on average in the U.S.

• There are 120 civilian guns per 100 residents in the U.S.

• 40% of households have guns.

• The U.S has the highest rate of mass shootings in the world.

• 20% of mass shooters had Serious Mental Illness (SMI).

• 60% of mass shootings were against family members because of domestic violence.

• 80% of perpetrators had suicide idealization and narcissistic disorders.

• 95% were males and there is no racial bias among them. The difference is that

White tend to shoot against family members, whereas Black and Hispanics against strangers.

• Criminality and the rate of playing videogames in a country is weakly correlated to mass shootings.

• The perpetrators know that they are going to die after the mass shooting.

• The most solid explanation for the mass shootings happening so often is the wide access to guns in the U.S.


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